Hello, and welcome to the #Touhou website!

#Touhou is a channel on the Darkmyst IRC server, centered around the Touhou Project series of doujin games by ZUN. This channel began as a hangout for members of the Touhou: Possibility of Interminable Reciprocity roleplaying forum. As the forum's numbers increased, so did the channel's size, and now we've expanded it to a place for Touhou fans of all types, member or non-member, to relax and enjoy the company of other fans.

For complete newcomers who've stumbled on this community without any idea of what Touhou Project is, have no fear! We're proud to claim some of the most welcoming members in our ranks, and you can find more information on the games at the Touhou Wiki.

Important: If you're new here, or if you've been a member here but have never seen this site before, be sure to read the Announcement and Rules.

Please enjoy your stay in #Touhou!