How to connect with Chatzilla for Firefox

What is Chatzilla?
Chatzilla is an add-on to Mozilla Firefox that gives you access to IRC without using MIRC, which also bypasses the annoying pop-up that asks you to pay for it.

To install Chatzilla, go here.

To Connect to the #touhou IRC Channel:
/attach irc://

To connect to PoIR's IRC Channel in default:
In the Top menu, select Chatzilla: Preferences
In the Global Tab, Select Startup.

Under Auto-Connect URLs Enter:

And it should open at start up.

Additional Tips

To register a nickname type:
/msg nickserv Register PASSWORD EMAILADDRESS
Remember, you must be in your Nickname that you selected to register it.

Once Registered, you'll have to auto-identify by typing:
/nickserv identify PASSWORD

For chatzilla, there is a nifty trick to enable you to auto-identify:

In the Top menu, select Chatzilla: Preferences
Select the tab on whatever irc channel you want to identify in. Each irc server has their own nickserv to register nicknames. For #touhou, the irc channel is

Under Lists, select Auto-perform and add the following code:
/Nickser identify NICKNAME PASSWORD

[Tutorial written by Keine Kamishirasawa on PoIR]

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