How to connect to IRC

Some of you may not know this, but there's this thing called IRC that everyone talks about.

Here's a quick guide to what it is, and how to use this rather nifty utility!

What is IRC?
It's a chatroom. In this case, it's a chatroom where a fair number of people from PoIR hang out and talk about anything under the sun. While not a key point of the RP, it's nice to chat to the people behind the other characters sometimes.

How can I use the #touhou IRC chatroom?
The chatroom that we use is on the Darkmyst Server, at #touhou. For those of you who don't have a clue what that means, don't worry!
There's several ways of getting to the channel (the chatroom), and here is the easy mode, and the lunatic (actually normal) mode.

Easy Mode: Click "Quick Connect" on the main navigation bar, or click here. This will bring you to the web based IRC Applet.
You'll be connected directly to the chat, and that's it! Type what you want to say, and hit enter, and everyone will be able to talk to you.

Lunatic Mode: If you don't want to use your browser to use IRC, you can use a dedicated program to do so. I personally use my browser, since it's so easy, but here's an alternative: mIRC is a good one.
Download the program "mIRC" here. Install to wherever you want, and open it up.

You should see the Connect window below which you can use to connect to IRC. You will need to enter something for your Full Name and Email Address. These do not have to be your real full name and email address.

You will then have to choose your Nickname and Alternative nickname. These are the names by which other people will know you on IRC.

You'll need to choose the Darkmyst server, select "Server" and click add, in the description box type in Darkmyst, the IRC box type "" (no quote marks) the port "6667" and Group is "DarkMyst".

Click ok, then click the lightning-bolt button in the top left. This connects you to the server, and will bring up a new box, asking you to choose a channel. Type in #touhou into the box, then click "Join" and you're in!
I think that's horribly more complicated, but if you want to do that there you go.

General helpful commands

To type in commands in IRC, you have to have a forward slash "/" before the command.

The most useful commands are these:
Use this when you want to change your name: you'd type your new name like so after the command:
/nick Yukari_Yakumo
No spaces! When you're away from your computer it's a good idea to change your name to something like Yukari|eating or something so people know you're busy.

/join #channel
This is to join another channel. You're probably going to use /join #touhou if something goes wrong.

/me does something
This is to "do something" in the channel, it would say "Yukari_Yakumo does something" instead of a normal speech.

/quit going to bed
This will log you out of mIRC with the excuse "Yukari_Yukari quit (Exit: going to bed). You can type something else in if you want for other reasons.

I hope that's been useful!

[Tutorial written by Yukari Yakumo from Touhou: PoIR]

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