#Touhou IRC Rules

#Touhou is an IRC chat for Touhou fans of all stripes. We look to be a loose, comfortable community where people can come to chill, talk, organize games, and so on. Now, every community does need a few rules; the rules for #Touhou are meant to be simple, easy to grasp, and easy to follow. If you have any questions about a rule, feel free to ask a channel Operator. If you feel someone is breaking a rule, tell an Op immediately, and be sure to keep logs! If the Ops decide that rules have been broken, the rule-breaker(s) will be talked to, and appropriate steps taken.

General Rules

Absolutely no Slurs!! Any kind of offensive language or attitude towards others because of race, religion, gender, identity, or orientation will not be tolerated under any circumstances! Even if intended as a joke, we take slurs and discrimination very seriously. With respect being paid to circumstances, anyone breaking this rule may potentially find themselves with a week-long ban and final warning status, regardless of warning history.

Avoid Hot-Button Issues Certain issues are to be avoided in #Touhou and #TouhouPoIR. In particular, religion, politics, and power levels; these are topics that tend to incite arguments, and they are to be avoided at all costs. If members notice that a conversation on these subjects has started, they are encouraged to change the subject as quickly as possible or contact a mod. Anyone who keeps the discussion going after mod intervention are liable to receive a warning.

Be the Bigger Person It is impossible to avoid all arguments, but members are encouraged to be the bigger person when dealing with others. It is always better to drop arguments rather than continue them, and members are encouraged to try to let things go if at all possible. While we would like our members to be able to reconcile, we know its not always possible; members are welcome to talk to the moderators if they are having trouble with others in the #Touhou and #TouhouPoIR channels.

Keep Negativity Discreet We don't expect you to like everything in the world, but making negative comments is typically discouraged. Remember, other members in the channel may like something that you dislike, so commenting on how much you do not like something can easily lead to arguments. We don't expect you to never say anything negative, however, its more considerate to other members if you spoke your praises, but kept your criticisms to yourself.

No Channel Policing If another member is doing something against the rules, let a mod know. There's no need to take the rules into your own hands; #Touhou and #TouhouPoIR has a capable staff team prepared to handle any illicit activities that happens within our channels. If you suspect a newcomer of being a troll, please do not try to countertroll and instead alert a mod through a PM!

No Spamming Links and comments only need to be posted once. If others complain about too many links or comments, it is time to stop.

Grab a Mod! Never hesitate to grab a mod for help! Whether it's a question, comment, or complaint, we are here to help everyone out. Even if you think it's a stupid question, or you are nervous, come to us anyway; we'd like to help our members with whatever problems they might be having.

Adult Content

Keep in-channel conversations PG-13. The members of #Touhou and #TouhouPoIR vary greatly in age-- in order to make our channels a safe place for all of its members, we ask that participants keep conversations within the channels at a PG-13 level.

If linking NSFW links and images, make sure to clearly label them. It is not against the rules to link to NSFW content, however, any content must be clearly labeled as NSFW. This includes but is not limited to sexual content, violence, gore, substance abuse, or other adult content.

IRC Roleplaying

Keep RP to a minimum. Please keep Role Playing to a minimum in both #Touhou and #TouhouPoIR. If there is something that takes more than 10 or 15 lines from both people it would be appreciated if it were to be taken to PMs or a separate channel so as not to disturb any flow of conversation.

Absolutely no E-RP. See above, under 'E-RP is not allowed.

Do not harrass others for RP! Everyone has different tastes in RPing, and while it is okay to ask for various roleplays, please respect their preferences if they differ from yours. Do not badger someone just because you absolutely want them to do something they don't want to do. Likewise, if you feel as if you are being forced into an RP you are not comfortable with, it is your right to refuse and contact a mod for assistance.

Naming Conventions

Do not impersonate Touhou characters Because of the close ties between #touhou and the Possibility of Interminable Reciprocity RP forum, many of our members use the names of touhou characters for their in-channel nicks. It is important that members of #touhou who are not members of PoIR do not use touhou character nicks, or confusion can result when a mod tries to get a hold of PoIR members. Furthering this, members should not impersonate any character that they do not play, or use bits of character names in their own nicks.

If you would like to make a touhou related channel, please ask channel ops first. #Touhou moderators cannot directly stop you, but because of confusion from members, we would like anyone who would like to create new channels with "Touhou" in the title to discuss the channel creation with a moderator first, particularly because of legal confusion that might occur in channels that are not related to us, yet also have #touhou in them. Under most circumstances, creating the new channel will not be a problem.

Moderator Authority

While we aren't tyrants, the mods of #Touhou and #TouhouPoIR are the authority for the channels. Members are required to be respectful and mindful of moderators at all times. Contempt of a moderator, either by insults, disrespect, or simply not listening to them, will result in severe punishments.

The Three-Strike System